I’ve gone every single year since camp started, and it is because of how everyone cares for each other. It is a place where people will sit with you if you’re by yourself or respect you when you need space (and I always went away with new friends every year!).
I also really like the pacing of camp. I never feel pressure to attend all the events or do all the things in order to not “miss out”. To sum it up, camp is the one place where I feel I can be my most true and authentic self. – Mina (2023)

This is my tribe – Michael (2023)

This year at camp I was boundlessly happy and comfortable even when being braver than I ever had tried being before. (Talent show, play space, finding strangers and asking them how they feel, skinny dipping, and so much more). I owe that entire indescribably joyful experience to how welcoming and comfortable the facilitators are, the entire team of folks who ended up Circle Keepers, and honestly every single returning camper that knew how beautiful that space could be and brought those ideals so visibly to me last year so that I could try and do the same this year. I showed up earlier and helped so many newcomers with the name necklaces. I sat next to anyone I found on a bench alone and talked to them. I was me, and I was kind in a place where that is actually cherished, and I hope the first timers were as affected by me as I was by the returning campers from last year. Because it made me so happy not to just pursue my own fun but to see people light up as they realized that this place truly is magic, and because I will never feel like I have done enough to repay you and the universe for the enormity of what you helped seed in this world by dreaming of a place where you could hang out with all your poly friends. There is no way you could have imagined the colossal impact that is has become on so many people and I’m sure that impacts you as well. I was so fucking happy at camp. Honestly it is beyond comprehension and all describability how amazing that place is. I’m baffled that you were able to create such a thing that I know in a way you didn’t create it you just gave it a place in time to happen in an environment where the correct people could come together and build that experience and we are all so lucky that you found them, I truly hoped I could become one of them. Not even necessarily in the camp space but in the world in general as a person, an inspiration to the idea that emotional kindness and intelligence is important. We live in a world where some people who I probably end up interacting with at stores would be happy to kill me just because they don’t like how free I am with my gender expression. I hear pastors on the news and social media saying all queer people should be shot and the government should do it and nobody stops them from saying that. They are blatant about thinking me and others like me can’t take criticism, we cry too easy, and that makes us weak sissy snowflakes and not strong, but often times it feels like those people haven’t used the courage during their entire lives that it takes me every day that I decide to leave my house as close to an authentic me as I dare showing the world. It’s hard and tiring being strong and camp is a magical place where it doesn’t take any strength leaving the cabin in the morning. Zero. I can spend my emotional energy of that day on so many rewarding things because I don’t need to use it just to defend my own brain against the world. It’s beautiful beyond description. I can actually be me and expose any weakness and it’s met with open arms and caring hearts. – Joel (2023)

Camp is always a great experience for me. People are very welcoming and I feel accepted and safe. There are many interesting, fun, and thoughtful experiences run by other campers. Many are new each year. There are several activities to choose from for each time slot, but it’s OK to take time out to rest. I can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones this summer. – Mark H (2023)

Camp is a place to grow and learn. A place to be authentically yourself. A place to be seen; truly seen. A place to love and be loved for who you are at your core. A place to call home and to return to year after year. I find myself each year and I can’t imagine life without camp. – Sam P (2023)

I’ve gone to camp every year since it started and each year I find it brings something new to the table. Last year was probably the most freeing and emotionally healing experience I’ve had. Part of that was just being around such a wonderful group of people, the other was our great facilitators who every year never fail to grow this community into something beautiful and inclusive. Camp is truly what you make it but I find one of the best things about it is someone will always sit with you and you’ll walk away from this weekend with new friends. – Mina (2022)

It was so jarring to leave this oasis of wonderful, caring, fascinating, loving people and drive back out into the Dark Ages. – Alan (2022)

Camp is always what you make it. Last year we had a great group of folks who were dedicated to learning and exploring. It was a very loving year full of growth and positivity for me. I love this camp with all my heart and cannot imagine not attending. – Samantha (2022)

Imagine a trust fall, except instead of one person doing the heavy work of keeping you up, and just one person doing the falling, there are 50 people falling inward and the same 50 people are sharing the work of supporting one another. Everyone falling and lifting at once. It would only work in a magical place. Welcome to Camp. – James (2022)

I went for my first time completely on a whim last year. I am really happy to say I had a great experience. Everything was well organized, but laid back enough that it didn’t feel stressful to get to one thing or another. Plenty to do, but no pressure to ever do anything, either. I also ate better there than I do at home, really, lol. Overall, it was a really positive experience. I would recommend it. – Amanda M. (2017)

Last year was my first year. My biggest tip is check the weather and bring extra blankets because I was super duper cold the next morning. Also bring a hoody too. I did the tent thing and it wasn’t a bad experience and it was nice to go back to my own space. I had a wonderful experience from Carol helping me put up my tent because my ass was super lost on what I was doing. To meeting new people and talking to them every once in a blue or every morning. I will say the circle thing we did had me so emotional but it meant the most to me. Another tip…don’t canoe by yourself if it as been a decade or so since you have. I ended up going f**k it and getting in the water and dragging my canoe back to shore. lol. The food was good and the coffee was good too especially when you are cold as hell. – Amanda B. (2017)

Last year was my second year. Again I felt that the catered meals were delicious and I enjoyed the variety of choices! I felt we had a great, diverse schedule of (optional) activities. The cuddle party and sock wrestling were by far my favorites! I found myself feeling more introverted than last year, perhaps due to the chilly rainy weather, so I sought the company of people I was already familiar with… though I am happy to have deepened those relationships. While I attended and enjoyed most of the activities, I wish I had taken more free time to connect more personally with NEW people in a more intimate, smaller group or one-on-one setting where there were fewer distractions that come from being in a large group. I didn’t open up and put myself out there as much as I normally would. Time passed too quickly, and the weekend was over before I knew it! I loved the communal, caring feel. Many people stepped up, lending extra bedding, toiletries, listening ears and warm hugs to those who needed it. There were far too many special moments to name.

It was my second year, and in a lot of ways, I really was amazed. Last year and this year I went solo and It was so special to me! I laughed until my sides hurt, smiled brightly at old and new friends and I got to connect with people who made me feel like it was a community I belonged in. I am usually very socially awkward but going to this place makes me so talkative and if there was something I didn’t feel like doing one hour there were plenty other things I could do. I didn’t really find myself eating much so I couldn’t give a great food review. I was just socializing so much that I munched like a bird. So my advice, bring snacks! if you’re anything like me you’ll be so excited you don’t always remember to eat enough at meals and have the munchy feeling later… haha – Mina (2017)

I went last year for the first time. It was nice to have a few friends there I knew already, but I also met a lot of new people and had a great time. I especially enjoyed the dance night and relaxing with a craft session, and had a great time facilitating a writing workshop. It’s a lovely place with no stress and fun people. The food was fine. I have some food sensitivities and had some trouble finding enough to eat, so will bring some snacks this year to supplement. I also hope it will be warmer weather since we’re having it earlier. – Lori (2017)

I was really nervous when I first got there. I had gone without a partner so I was thinking this would be a weird experience for me, but after the first night passed where everyone was introduced, I had a blast! This was one of the few places where I felt like I was not out of place. I felt at ease swimming, learning, and laughing with other people who were in the poly community. It was such an amazing and unique experience. (I also had never gone to a summer camp before, so I was really in love with it!) – Mina (2016)

From the great pep talk to the campfire ring where we all introduced ourselves, to the many varied and helpful workshops, to the fun and games, dance, performance, cuddle party – all was wonderful and fulfilling to me. It was so nice to be with those who understood. – Kenneth (2016)

I had an amazing time. I had fun doing the classes, swimming and the talent show! I made a lot of great connections with people and came out with some amazing friends and a bigger community network – Shannon (2016)

I went to camp “alone” knowing literally no one, but I trusted that this community of people would be welcoming. What an understatement! I enjoyed participating in many of the daily activities (all optional), while knowing that I was free to do anything different at any time. I used mealtimes to introduce myself to new people and chat about Camp, about life.  There was so much care, support, body positivity, and love that was shown throughout the whole weekend by everyone. It was a place of comfort, belonging, and fun! I felt a huge sense of community. I left with so many new friends by the end, many of whom I have unexpectedly grown strong friendships and relationships with over the past year.  For me, it really was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. – Cheri (2016)

Last year was great!  Everyone was super friendly, the cabins were comfortable enough and quite spacious, food was good, and the lake swimming and boating were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed making a silly spectacle of myself in the talent show. I’m so glad we can make it again this year. – Elise (2016)

Laura and David do a great job of welcoming everyone. The meals are communal and I made a point of sitting with someone new at each meal to get to know them. I recommend if you’re with someone (partner or pod), that you make the effort to welcome and get to know others. This is a social gathering rather than a dating club and people respect your boundaries. No pressure. – Dennis (2016)