Activities and Events

See the Documents page for schedules from previous years.

Camp Menagerie is a participant-driven event. That means that Camp is co-created by everyone who attends. Our campers’ level of involvement varies from person to person and year to year. In general, people who attend more years tend to get more involved over time as they get more comfortable and become more invested in the community that we are co-creating. However, some level of service is expected from every camper. If you are new, please remember that getting involved is key to meeting people, making connections, and becoming a part of the community. There are many ways to get involved from supporting camp logistics to leading a class or activity to helping set up or clean up for meals. In addition, consider sharing your talents at the Talent Show!

Camp Menagerie’s activities are a combination of opportunities for learning, connecting, and just enjoying camp. The schedule changes from year to year based on who attends and what they offer. You can expect to have some combination of the following activities:


Fun on the Lake: There is a beautiful, very private swimming lake with a sandy beach and a fire pit. We also have access to the camp’s canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, sailboats, windsurfers, and water-trampoline! The kayak race is always great fun.



Fun on the Fields: Whether we organize large team games or a few folks just want to play pick-up games, the camp has facilities for basketball, field hockey, football, kickball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, hiking/ nature walks, badminton, bocce, pickleball, tennis and platform tennis.



Games and Talents: Bring your favorite board games and card games to share. The talent show is a camp tradition (bring it!) as is a campfire sing-a-long.


outdoor discussion



Discussions and Workshops: We are planning these on a variety of topics depending on what is asked for and offered by those who come to camp.



CoCreation: We are asking everyone who comes to Camp Menagerie to consider what they have to share with the community.




  • Can you lead a discussion group on a Consensual Non-Monogamy topic?
  • Lead a presentation?
  • Teach a craft?
  • Lead a yoga or dance class?
  • Do you have a talent for bringing people together in ice breaker games?
  • Want to lead a sports activity or a board-gaming session?
  • Can you lead a campfire sing-a-long?

It is not required that you lead an activity but it is encouraged. When you register, you will be prompted to sign up to share your time and talents with this community. A schedule of activities will be created from what is offered.
Here is a list of prior year classes/events/discussions to give you an idea of the kinds of things that took place. These were all taught or facilitated by people who came to camp.